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Spring 2015

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  • An Evening with Lisa Medoff by Angela Blackwell
  • Teen Thoughts: Interview Exclusive on Dan Siegel’s presentation with Averie Kellenberger ’16 by Beth Ohanneson
  • Family Stress: It’s Not All in Your Head by Diana Divecha, Ph.D.
  • Book Review: Wooden:A Lifetime of Observations On and off the Court

Winter 2015

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  • The Virtues of Adolescence are in the Mind by Genevieve Anderson
  • Mindful Parenting review

Fall 2014

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  • Teen Panel 2014: What Teens Want You to Know
    What works? (Connection and What doesn’t? (Control)  by Dawn Decker and Martha Rock
  • Nine Big Changes in Young Teens that You Should Know About by Diana Divecha, Ph.D

Spring 2014

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  • How to have Clout with your Kids by Genevieve Anderson
  • To Gap or Not to Gap by Martha Stabler
  • Top Dog – Playing to Teens’ Success by Kathleen Bisaccia

Winter 2013

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  • Neurotic Parents Convene for College Talk by Genevieve Anderson
  • Where’s the Best Place to Study by Robina Riccitiello
  • Breaking Through Deadlocks by Cynthia Klein

Fall 2013

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  • It’s Not About the Grades by Genevieve Anderson
  •  Teens Offer Advice at Annual Teen Panel by Robina Riccitiello

Spring 2013

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  • What Teachers Wish Parents Knew by Joy Libby
  • Teen Mental Health with Michael Simon, MFT by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • 9 Ways to Connect with Your Teen by Susan Sachs Lipman
  • What’s the Word?

Fall 2012

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  • Know Your Own Kid: Managing Transition, Milestones, Pressure and Belonging by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • Book Review – Michael Simon’s The Approximate Parent:Discovering Strategies That Work for Your Teenager by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • Teen Corner
  • Editor’s Note

April 2012

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  • Patty Wipfler- Connecting With Your Adolescent: Staying Close, Stay Hopeful 
by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • Unlock the Secrets of Facebook: What Parents Need to Know About Social Networking 
by Martha Stabler
  • Hot Topics Discussion Circles by Martha Mangold
  • Book Review: Anne Lamott’s Imperfect Birds by Kathleen Bisaccia

Winter 2012

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  • Teen Suicides Leave Questions – by Robina Riccitiello
  • Straight from the Source: Teens talk about Parenting Teens – by Jahna Pahl
  • Helping Teens Mature – Dr. John McKinnon – reviewed by Robina Riccitiello
  • Parent Questions

Spring Bonus 2011

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  • Talking to Our Teens: What They Want Us To Know, By Jahna Pahl
  • Hot Topic Discussion Circles: Parents Share Collective Wisdom to Help Navigate the Turbulent Waters of the Teen Years, By Martha Mangold
  • Focusing on Strengths, by Diana Divecha, Ph. D.

Spring 2011

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  • “The Birds & the Bees in the 21st Centruy by Zai Divecha
  • “How to Diffuse a Classic Power-struggle ” by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • “My Teenage Werewolf “by Laaura Kessler, review by Kathleen Bisaccia

Winter 2011

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  • “Friending & Family” by Diana Divecha
  • “Raising A Drug Free Kid” by Martha Mangold
  • “The Sex Lives of Teens” by Lana Dalberg

Fall 2010

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  • “The Role of Parents Involvement in a Teens Life ” by Mikiko Huang
  • “Moving On! Moving Up! The Tr,ansition from Middle to High School” by Rhian Robinson
  • “Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen …Even When it Seems Impossible” writen by Judy Ford, Book Review by Lana Dalberg

Spring 2010 v2

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  • “Happiness Studies” by Lisa Ericson
  • “Chosing a College for Gender and Sexual Minority Youth”, by Diana Divecha
  • “Full Circle” by Ginny Paulsen
  • “Just Say Know: A Reality-Based Approach to Teens and Drugs,” by Kathleen Bisaccia
  • “Year Up San Francisco: An Alternative for under-served urban youth”, by Wendy Cohen

Spring 2010 v1

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  • “The Dangers of Getting Healthy for Teens” by Rachel Hanna Fields, Psy. D.
  • “Mothers and Daughters: Closeness & Conflict by Diana Divecha
  • “Getting Calm”: Successful Parenting Strategies, by Martha Mangold
  • Insert:: “Teen panel Discussion: “I’m So Stressed Out! : What Parents Can do to Help” by Mikkiko Huang

Fall 2009

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  • “David Sheff Speaks About Drug Addiction” by Stephanie Levin 
  • “Adolescence: A Time of Challenge and Change For Teens And Their Parents” by Maurine Poppers, MFT
  • “Young Love & Adult Choices”, by Janice Mitchell. Science Briefs: “Helpful Findings for Parents of Teens”, by Dianna Divecha

Spring 2009

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  • “Stressed Out Students” by Tasneem Karimbhai
  • “Brave New World, Yes, But With Trust, It’s Back to Basics: The Annual Teen Panel” by Mikiko Huang
  • “Moving On” by Elizabeth Fishel “Science Briefs: Helpful Findings for Parents of Teens” by Diana Divecha

Winter 2009

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  • “Linda Burch: Raising Teens With Common Sense in A 24/7 Digital World” by Stephanie Levin
  • “Why Do Parents Seem Hella Paranoid” by Mikiko Huang
  • “College Talk” by Laura Shumaker
  • Book Review: “The Good Teen: Rescuing Adolescence from the Myths of the Storm and Stress Years” by Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D., Three Rivers Press, 2007 – by Diana Divecha
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