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Who We Are

Our Mission and Goal
Who_We_AreOur mission is to educate and inspire parents and guardians of teenagers as well as to advance communication and understanding with our teens. The Parents’ Coalition strives to build community bridges by bringing parents and professionals together to share information on various topics, to find solutions to parenting challenges, and to counter feelings of frustration and isolation that both teens and parents encounter through the journey of adolescence.

The Parents’ Coalition began in 1994 as a grassroots response to the challenges of parenting teenagers and has since grown exponentially. It was created out of a desire to look at both teen and parent /guardian relationships. Often when teenagers struggle, parents  and guardians do not know how to help. Parents and guardians can feel isolated from each other yet desire a connection with those experiencing the same issues. The Parents’ Coalition offers platforms to discuss a broad range of concerns confronting parents and guardians.

What We Do


What_We_DoEvery year, the Parents’ Coalition sponsors several speakers who address a variety of concerns and interests related to parenting teens. Topics and speakers are selected by the Member Schools’ representatives.

Teen Panel
Each spring a panel of about 15 students from various public and private high schools in the area are convened to address a host of themes and to answer questions from the parent community.

School Representatives

Each Member School has two or three parent representatives to the Parents’ Coalition whose roles are to promote events and resources offered by the Parents’ Coalition at their respective high schools as well as to serve as links back from the school to the Parents’ Coalition.

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